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The Diversity of Pemba's diving by the man who wrote the book:

"To compare, and you must compare, there are 150 Live aboard dive boats off the southern Egyptian red sea alone. This is quite different here. There is nothing here. In spite of El Nino, which killed a lot of corals there is no doubt, there is still virgin diving here." 

Dr Ewald Liske - interview with Dr Ewald Liske


The Kervan Saray Beach Lodge-  


We offer simple accomodation at great prices - and yet with a fundeamental difference. We offer full service and have a professional dive centre attatched. 

Swahili Divers is more than just diving. Bird watchers, snorkellers, sea kayakers, mangrove kayakers and wildlife film crews and adventurers in general come to Pemba. Some years ago, we moved from Chake to an idyllic spot by the sea in far north Pemba. Home to divers, explorers and birders alike- They named it the "The Kervan Saray Beach Lodge".


The Island of Pemba

30 nautical miles off the east coast of Africa and 5 degrees north of the Equator lies the tropical Island of Pemba. With depths that range from 400 fathoms to 2500 fathoms, Pemba rises up from the Indian Ocean floor. In spite of its proximity to the wide open plains and wildlife of Africa, Pemba is a veritable Oceanic Island; part of the spice island archipelago which includes the trading station of Zanzibar.

Pemba's history is unique; Arab traders came down the coast with each monsoon, and life had a quiet rhythm based on these rules of transport. Goods, peoples, techniques, language and religions were all handed over, tried, weighed, balanced, kept, rejected or adapted. Today, the Swahili people eat curries like Indians, tell stories and poetry like the old Persians, sail in boats which are almost exact copies of ancient Indonesian boats, count in Arabic and are, overall, united by the Islamic faith.

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